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Project Integrator - McLean VA

Mc Lean, VA · Computer/Software


The Sponsor provides exceptional analysis on a wide range of topics in the growing area of national security concerns in the space domain.  The Sponsor requires support specializing in web-based tool maintenance for mission planning and unique expertise in space topics – from orbital dynamics to satellite design to academic research on space. The work may be performed independently or within a team environment. The Sponsor needs unique professional skills in many areas of the outer space domain to support analysis on various topics.  Work will include maintenance of existing software tools; advanced orbital modeling; deep understanding of space satellite systems; and production of analytic reports.

Work requirementS

Contractor Support; HRR: N
The Contractor Team shall work closely with analytic teams and with software tool users. The Sponsor task manager will manage the priorities.
The Contractor Team shall manage existing web-based, cloud-hosted databases.
The Contractor Team shall manage accesses and accounts to databases.
The Contractor Team shall provide O&M and content management support for Sponsor’s databases and web-based tools sites.
The Contractor Team shall research, as tasked, space and counterspace issues.
The Contractor Team shall create written reports on space and counterspace issues.
The Contractor Team shall passively collect open source information on space and counterspace issues.
The Contractor Team shall ingest open source information into database repository and shall provide regular written updates on content to Sponsor.

required skills and demonstrated experience

The Contractor Team shall have the following required skills, certifications and demonstrated experience:
  • Demonstrated expertise in space and counterspace issues.
  • Demonstrated expertise in advanced orbital modeling.
  • Demonstrated experience in passive open-source research.
  • Demonstrated experience adding new features, optimizing, scaling, or improving stability and performance of JavaScript-based web-tools.
  • Demonstrated experience with AWS Services and Cloud-based development.
  • Demonstrated experience performing application O&M to include accreditation, security protocols and hosting requirements.
  • Demonstrated experience configuring security features in a managed cloud environment.
  • At least one Team member should have demonstrated experience with Russian language proficiency.
  • At least one Team member should have demonstrated experience with Chinese language proficiency.

Highly Desired skills and demonstrated experience

Skills and demonstrated experiences that are highly desired but not required to perform the work include:
  • Demonstrated experience writing analysis of source documents.
  • Demonstrated experience with technical documentation.
  • Demonstrated experience with advanced modeling software.
  • Demonstrated experience with orbital dynamics.
  • Demonstrated experience with satellite design.
  • Demonstrated experience with overhead intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

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