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Machine Learning Engineer - Chantilly VA

Chantilly, VA · Computer/Software


The Contractor shall provide support for the Sponsor’s machine learning model development and deployment efforts specific to its cyber focus and targets. Additionally, the Contractor will need to have extensive experience with developing and implementing machine learning methodologies to triage large commercial cyber datasets.

Work requirements

Contractor Support: HRR; Yes
The Contractor shall provide support to include the following tasks:
  • The Contractor shall implement machine learning methodologies to triage large commercial datasets.
  • The Contractor shall identify topical, spatial, and time-based trends of interest within large amounts of commercial cyber data.
  • The Contractor shall work with data science models testing, optimization, validation, and tests automation.
  • The Contractor shall be able to integrate machine learning models into software through inference engines, machine learning pipelines, and other approaches.
  • The Contractor shall communicate and work effectively with cross-functional team members including but not limited to data analysts, data scientists, external stakeholders, management, and software solutions integrators.

Required skills and demonstrated experience

The Contractor shall have the following required skills, certifications and demonstrated experience:
  • Demonstrated experience tuning hyper-parameters of existing machine learning models for domain-specific data sets.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing, evaluating, and extending state-of-the-art, data science methods, data labeling, ETL, and other data standardization practices.
  • Demonstrated experience integrating user-orientated model evaluation.
  • Demonstrated experience working with data science models testing, optimization, validation, and tests automation.
  • Demonstrated experience leveraging model management capabilities to track version control and maintain information about best-performing models, such as MLFLOW or similar.
  • Demonstrated experience programming in Python.
  • Demonstrated experience programming in other scripting languages, such as Bash.
  • Demonstrated experience applying deep learning and machine learning processing libraries, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and scikit.
  • Demonstrated experience using Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Demonstrated experience using CUDA and NVIDIA GPU accelerated libraries for AI, machine-learning, and deep learning.
  • Demonstrated experience with implementing data science workflows in cloud-based platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, etc.).

Highly Desired skills and demonstrated experience

Skills and demonstrated experiences that are highly desired but not required to perform the work include:
  • Demonstrated experience developing and deploying machine learning models based on cybersecurity related workflows.

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