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Data Scientist - Reston VA

Reston, VA · Computer/Software
Contractor personnel serving in designated High Risk Roles (HRR) are required to comply with the Sponsor's screening program, whereby completion of a medical screening process to obtain a medical clearance is required. The Sponsor will determine the appropriate level of medical screening based on the High Risk Roles specifically identified by the GTM.


The Sponsor requires support specializing in "open-source investigations." The Contractor will provide personnel who will use on line tools and resources to investigate various national security-related topics that involve foreign entities and events. Contractor personnel will perform dataset collection and exploitation for the Sponsor's operational needs. This includes assessments and consultations with partners in and outside the Sponsor's organization for data acquisition and exploitation strategy.
Priorities will be determined by the Sponsor in close consultation with the Contractor Team.


Contractor Support; HHR; No
  • The Contractor Team shall use different search engines and a wide variety of online databases, archives, directories, and repositories that can provide useful data or documents.
  • The Contractor Team shall evaluate data accessible in the public domain, including foreign social media websites and applications from mobile and stationary platforms.
  • The Contractor Team shall collect and exploit profile, content, or metadata information.
  • The Contractor Team shall evaluate the credibility, accuracy, and bias of the information they find online, and be able to identify logical fallacies, inconsistencies, contradictions, or gaps in the information.
  • The Contractor Team shall use various tools and methods to analyze data, such as spreadsheets, graphs, charts, maps, timelines, or network analysis. They should be able to spot patterns, trends, anomalies, or connections in the data and generate hypotheses or questions based on their analysis.
  • The Contractor Team shall extract, organize, synthesize, and interpret information from different sources and formats.
  • The Contractor Team shall communicate their findings and arguments in clear, concise, written deliverables.
  • The Contractor Team shall cite their sources and provide evidence for their claims.
  • The Contractor Team shall interface directly with Sponsor management for requirements for data collection and exploitation.
  • The Contractor Team shall assist in the integration of data with existing platforms for correlation and analytical insights.
  • The Contractor Team shall conduct technical exchange meetings with stakeholders on business and technical requirements.
  • The Contractor Team shall assist to condition, coordinate, collect, and perform data transfer of data sets for integration and analysis.
  • The Contractor Team shall collect, ingest, and exploit large and small dataset collections.
The Contractor Team shall provide field technical and operational support for data analysis, and may require some Temporary Duty travel.


The Contractor Team shall have the following required skills, certifications, and demonstrated experience:
  • Demonstrated experience acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources.
  • Demonstrated experience structuring large data sets to find usable information.
  • Demonstrated experience identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets.
  • Demonstrated experience defining new data collection and analysis processes.
  • Demonstrated experience with collection and exploitation of data on mobile apps including domestic and foreign.
  • Demonstrated experience performing data analysis such as gathering information to determine data sources, data targets, data definitions, and data relationships.
  • Demonstrated experience working with data in a variety of structured and unstructured formats.
  • Demonstrated experience transferring and handling sensitive data.
  • Demonstrated experience preparing task plans, task documentation, and overall activity reporting documents.
  • Demonstrated experience working with users to define requirements for analysts or operational customers.


Skills and demonstrated experiences that are highly desired but not required to perform the work include:
  • Demonstrated expert proficiency in Sponsor datasets, data collection, and tools.
  • Demonstrated experience working both independently and collaboratively within a team environment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of economic issues, financial markets, and supply chain analysis.

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